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Venture Plans brings together a diverse team of industry-specific consultants with deep finance, legal advisory, and digital innovation expertise. Our executive-level consultants have received top-tier education from Ivy League institutions, such as Harvard Business School, Yale School of Management, and MIT. We demonstrate institutional-caliber capabilities to solve problems for enterprise-level companies.

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Our Ivy League-trained consultants utilize innovative thinking and a global perspective to help clients achieve sustainable solutions and tangible results.

Mark Ferrer

Mark Ferrer

Senior Engineering Consultant

Mark Ferrer is a chief technology officer with a track record of creating tech start-ups from scratch, such as Stake Republic, kitchen data systems, and many others. His prior education was at the Y Combinator Startup School.

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Jeff Diedenhofen

Jeff Diedenhofen

Investment Advisor

Jeff Diedenhofe is an expert in technology-focused financing and is licensed by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for series 63 and series 82. He has assisted numerous start-up and established enterprises in the investment advisory, due diligence and deal brokering. His areas of expertise include family offices, investor relations, and investor acquisitions.

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Lily Freda

Lily Freda

Associate Business Analyst

Lily Freda has a B.A from Harvard University. She specializes in business strategy and investment proposal analysis. Her strategies have led to substantial revenue growth and contributed to multi-million dollar investment ventures. Her past experiences include the Huffington Post.

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Saman Dameghshi

Saman Dameghshi

Senior Design Consultant

Saman Dameghshi brings over five years of functional experience in design thinking, design strategy, UX and UI auditing, and graphic design, focusing on technology and digital transformation. She has assisted many businesses and government organizations in creating innovative, user-centric digital experiences.

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Katie Aragon

Katie Aragon

Associate Attorney

Katie Aragon has a B.A from Yale University and is a Doctor of Law with a JD in Joint Business Law and Policy & Public Interest Law and Policy Specialization. As an Associate Attorney, Katie carefully evaluates legal issues within the business context, drafts and negotiates contracts, and ensures legal compliance and risk mitigation for clients.

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Diana Alamari

Diana Alamari

Associate Business Consultant

Diana Alamari has a BA in economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She is an associate analyst with experience in management consulting for start-ups and small enterprises, helping clients with everything from preparing for financing and the creation of business plans and financial forecasts.

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