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Associate Consultant Internship

Associate Consultant Internship

The associate consultant intern position is one of our undergrad internship programs that provides extensive knowledge to both business strategy and the consulting sector. Through a full-time internship at Venture Plans, you’ll obtain intensive training and continuous, practical learning.

Associate Consultant

Associate Consultant

The associate consultant position is fantastic for undergrads since it will constantly put your academic and personal skills to the test. You’ll work with the friendliest, smartest, and most encouraging colleagues while you take on the most fascinating tasks.

Meet our people

Meet our people

At Venture Plans, we support one another to achieve success. Our team of ivy league-trained industry experts helps motivate, uplift, and ignite your personal and professional growth. Together, we cultivate an environment where we all thrive and contribute to collective excellence.



The core of what we do is around consultants. Consider joining our team as a consultant if you’re an aspiring business school grad, holder of an ivy league degree, or a seasoned professional who wants to work with the sharpest, most inquisitive minds.

Interview Prep

Interview Prep

As you explore different positions, you may be invited to a series of interviews at Venture Plans. To help you prepare for these interviews, we have compiled some valuable recommendations and advice on what to expect during the interview process at Venture Plans.

Consultant (JD, PHD)

Consultant (JD, PHD)

Are you finishing your PhD, JD, or MD and looking for your next professional move? We’d love to hear from you if you have an advanced degree or professional experience.

Professional a& Functional

Professional a& Functional

Beyond consulting, we provide excellent professional opportunities where your knowledge, experience, and skills will be extremely valuable. Explore our diverse functional areas, including technology and innovation, corporate finance, digital marketing, revenue growth, and many more.

Summer Internship

Summer Internship

The summer associate program at Venture Plans is an exceptional opportunity designed for students pursuing business school and postgraduate degrees — serving as a catalyst for your entire career. Brace yourself for what could be the most remarkable summer experience of your life.


At Ventureplans™, we live by the fundamental principle of supporting each other to succeed every day. Building exceptional teams requires a commitment to equality, tolerance, and cooperation. You will be accompanied by individuals who support, encourage, and inspire you on personal and professional levels.

We recruit professionals with remarkable talents, skills, and potential to fill management consulting positions and other related jobs. We create an environment where you are invited to bring your ideas and processes to work. If you strive to be extraordinary and encourage others to do the same, Ventureplans™ is the place for you.


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Senior Architect and Engineer

Senior Engineers and Architects are responsible for developing innovative new digital products. These professionals may also be responsible for supervising a group of junior engineers, guiding and leading them as they work to complete product development projects.


Finra Series 7,63, 82 Licensed Financial Representatives

Financial service advisors are in charge of providing financial advice and marketing and selling investments, including common and preferred stocks, to our clients in private equity, private placements, and venture capital.


Management Consultant

Management consultants provide financial advisory services, business strategies, revenue growth initiatives, and other innovative solutions to improve business efficiency and drive success.


Product Manager

Product Managers oversee the development and implementation of service offerings, tools, and methods to ensure they meet client needs and drive growth and profitability. Individuals in this role manage projects and make strategic decisions based on market research and client feedback.


Digital Marketer

Digital marketers assist clients in establishing and expanding their marketing capabilities to promote sustainable growth. Utilizing business strategy and digital marketing to craft a cutting-edge marketing infrastructure through strategic organizational design and experimental learning methods.


Business Analyst

Business analysts leverage best-practice research methods to collect and analyze data, generating transformative insights that drive improvements in customer behavior, employee performance, operational efficiency, and business strategy.


Corporate Attorney

Corporate attorneys handle a broad range of business-related legal matters, including drafting contracts, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing risks, advising on corporate structure, and addressing intellectual property and employment law issues.


IP Lawyer

IP lawyers provide advice and representation in matters related to patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. IP lawyers help protect intellectual property rights, assist in patent applications, negotiate and draft IP-related agreements, and manage potential disputes or litigation.


Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists offer strategic advice to clients on raising capital, identifying investment opportunities, and driving growth. Professionals in this career field evaluate start ups for potential investment, negotiate funding deals, and provide guidance to portfolio companies to enhance their value.


UX/UI Designer

UX/UI designers work on enhancing the user experience and interface of our digital products and solutions. These professionals conduct user research, design user flows, create wireframes and prototypes, and conduct usability testing.


Client Onboarding Managers

Client onboarding managers ensure a smooth transition for new clients. These professionals handle coordinating the setup of client accounts, guiding clients through our processes and systems, and facilitating initial training.


Sales Leader

Sales leaders are responsible for setting sales targets, managing the sales team, cultivating key client relationships, and driving business development efforts to grow our client base and revenues.


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