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Venture Plans is a sophisticated team of diverse industry-specific consultants, with a deep focus on finance, legal advisory, and digital innovation. Our executive-level consultants are ivy league trained with institutional-caliber capabilities. We enable the best possible outcomes through value-based methodologies that succinctly capture the maximum value of your principals, intellectual property, business performance, markets, and outlook.

Venture Plans Supports high-tech firms with an emphasis on growth, marketing, and go-to-market strategy focused through financial institutions and private equity. With deep customer analysis and marketing best practices, we shape companies' business strategies and digitally transform operation models to accelerate top-line growth. We provide data-backed insights to help companies win in the long term and recommend sustainable outcomes.

At venture Plans, we tailor your strategy with precision to meet your individual needs. We accelerate growth by encouraging our clients to avoid Cookie-cutter strategic planning as it delivers inferior results. With wider industry experience, Venture Plans has helped a wide array of clients thrive in hospitality, real estate, SaaS & technology, professional services, health care, cannabis, and many more. Our firm has access to industry-leading tools, databases, and analysis software that can provide market research data that is accurate and up-to-date. Our mission is to help companies build capabilities that will compete to win in the long term. Our mission is to help companies across all sectors transform and grow by developing new markets, optimizing sales, operations, technology, and financing.

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Client Testimonials

Working with Arleo has been an exciting journey! His driven mindset and passionate pursuit of a innovative fitness solution for trainers is second to none. Despite his life long experience in the sports training and fitness industry, he is always eager to learn and improve with everyone while maintaining constructive leadership.

They are experienced in cognitive computing, automation, ICO, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Arleo and his team are a pleasure to work with. He is a smart talented leader who leverages his professionalism and problem-solving abilities in all conversations.

Arleo hand picks the best projects to invest his time into and we were lucky to be involved.

I am a lawyer with Sostrin law offices and for our request for proposals, E-2, and E-B 5 business plans, we go to Arleo Dordar & Venture Plans. Venture Plans is highly experienced in immigration and request evidence.

This time around we had a deadline for bidding on a retail cannabis license through an RFP. Arleo Dordar and his team acted quickly and helped prepare a detailed business proposal that showed our managers ‘capabilities in 7 days.

Venture plans is organized, efficient, and knowledgeable in the cybersecurity and data encryption sector. They helped us prepare for a 15 M capital raise.

Arleo Dordar and Venture Plans due diligence financial experts helped us reconcile financial accounts and helped identify errors, irregularities that needed adjustments. Venture Plans corporate financing team is very experienced with M&A due diligence.

We obtained a type 11 distribution and type 3 cultivation license with the aid of venture plan’s to start an outdoor cannabis cultivation operation. We were advised to do this in the heart of Los Angeles to ensure rapid distribution to local dispensaries, through venture plans networks we were able to secure a phenomenal location and demographic reach.

I’m an executive with global master franchising, and I have collaborated internationally with many entrepreneurs. Arleo Dordar is a critical thinker, and accomplished problem solver.  He is a driven and trustworthy leader in the private and institutional sectors for financing.

Since they are data-oriented and understand business trends, we like collaborating with venture plans. We used venture plans for franchising implementations. Venture Plans helped us restructure, improve many master franchises across the globe.  For directional consulting, franchise planning, and preparation of franchise disclosure documentation, Arleo is the best it gets.

We have a breakthrough technological product that focuses on packaging and delivery safety. We had no idea that the right way to raise money and draw paying subscribers was by crowdfunding. Venture Plans wrote a particular digital marketing crowdfunding strategy for us

that outlined a proper campaign model for us to implement, resulting in a 6-month increase of 2.5 M in combined funding and subscriptions

It is evident that Mr. Dordar and Venture Plans have great achievements on the horizon.

I am a serial entrepreneur and investor. I have founded multi-million dollar firms from the early 1990’s. Our direct contact for start-up advisory, financial advisory and business planning is Arleo Dordar. Arleo Dordar helped prepare an excellent comprehensive business plan for our multichain coffee shop franchise In Los Angeles, Century City.

We featured Arleo Dordar on the Beverly Hills House Wives on Bravo to provide direction on our business strategy and deal structure live. Arleo Dordar is experienced in the fashion and Artificial Intelligence space.

Venture Plans helped prepare a comprehensive business plan, and guided me and my husband, Mauricio Umansky, on the best possible outcomes to scaling our retail fashion line with our offshore partners Shahida Clayton. Arleo integrated artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and an eco-friendly model so we can maximize our potential in this highly competitive industry. 

Venture Plans has extensive experience and a proven track record for securing grant applications targeting nationwide federal funding. They backed us in achieving a 3.5 M rise. They are friendly, experienced, and talented.

Grant approvals in the U.S. have been highly competitive, Covid had reduced our income by 50 %, and we needed urgent assistance from an experienced team to advise and provide grant application support.

We couldn't find an experienced consulting firm in Oklahoma City at the time with the level of experience we were looking for. When we found Venture Plans, they revamped our entire software development cycles, helped us with our crowdfunding strategy, and offered new insights on our company direction.

With the help of Venture Plans, we are now prepared for global expansion. Arleo and Venture Plans are capable of financing in the tech space.

Venture Plans helped us with the entire grant process, from research, advisory, proposal drafting, to application submissions. With the help of venture plans, we were able to successfully register our 501(c)3, locate and target pass-through grant applications through their research division,

they wrote our proposal and assisted with multiple broad submissions to federal and state pass-through funding. We have now secured 2 M in combined grants, Thank You Venture Plans. Arleo Dordar keeps his promise, he is detailed, results-driven, and was very patient with us throughout the entire process. T

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Our Team

Our Finra and Harvard accredited Industry Consultants have decades of cumulative experience preparing business plans that helped entrepreneurs raise capital.

Arleo Dordar

Founder & President

Has helped scale, structure, organize and create sustainability plans for 4500+ companies in over 150 Industries globally that have resulted in over 100 M in investments.

Arleo's expertise includes restructuring strategy, revenue growth implementation, execution, financing, and digital transformation. Arleo can gather and analyze big data, understand trends and proactively deliver insights, recommendations, and drive improvements based on qualitative and quantitative metrics, while engaging in top-level discussions with startups, small and mid-size companies to increase operational efficiency, sales, marketing and branding to reach financing objectives. Arleo has Logical & structural thinking, multi-tasking, problem- solving, leadership, consulting, deal structuring, financial forecasting and project management capabilities.

Arleo is fluent in English, Farsi.

Amaris Olguin

Senior Business Analyst

Harvard and Yale Alumna, Fulbright Scholar, fluent Spanish speaker, Proficient in Mandarin and in Hindi. Amaris has experience in global market places like China and India.

Expert in business Strategy understand trends and proactively deliver market and trends insights. Amaris works with clients on the development and execution of business strategy, strategic planning and execution. Amaris specializes in writing business plans that have resulted in large investment accomplishments.


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