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Business plans require the knowledge of an expert, that’s why we hired Venture Plans. Arleo Dordar and his elite Harvard Consultants are our go to for all our consulting services.

- Kyle Howard, Mauricio Unmansky and Shahida Clayton

FEATURED <span class='text-primary'>CLIENT</span>
FEATURED <span class='text-primary'>CLIENT</span>


Venture Plans is a sophisticated team of diverse industry-specific consultants with a deep focus in finance, legal advisory and digital innovation. Our executive-level consultants are ivy league trained with institutional-caliber capabilities. We enable the best possible outcomes through value-based methodologies that succinctly capture the maximum value of your principals, intellectual property, business performance, markets, and outlook.

Venture Plans Supports high-tech firms with an emphasis on growth, marketing, and go-to-market strategy focused through financial institutions and private equity. Through deep customer analysis and marketing best practices, we shape companies’ business strategies and digitally transform operation models to accelerate top-line growth. We provide data-backed insights to help companies win in the long term and recommend sustainable outcomes.

At venture Plans, we tailor your strategy with precision to meet your individual needs. We accelerate growth by encouraging our clients to avoid Cookie-cutter strategic planning as it delivers inferior results. With wider industry experience, Venture Plans has helped a wide array of clients thrive in hospitality, real estate, SaaS & technology, professional services, health care, cannabis, and many more. Our firm has access to industry-leading tools, databases, and analysis software that can provide market research data that is accurate and up-to-date. Our mission is to help companies build capabilities that will compete to win in the long term. Our mission is to help companies across all sectors transform and grow by developing new markets, optimizing sales, operations, technology, and financing.



We work with integrity and exceed professional business expectations. We work as a team and are committed to delivering world-class business consulting services.

Honesty & Openness

We uphold integrity and trust in our work. We are accountable and consistent in driving results.

Practical & Results-Oriented

We use confidential and proprietary standard operating procedures that are tested and proven for maximizing operations.

Customer-Centric & Team Approach

We work together and collaborate to achieve exceptional results. Our customer-centric approach is rooted in long-term business relationships.

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  • 15+ Years in Operation
  • 4750+ Projects done
  • 3 Offices
  • 650 M Capital Raised


FINRA, CFI Institute, Harvard, Certified Valuators and Analysts.


Custom Business Plans Delivered As Fast As 3 Days.

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Working with Arleo has been an exciting journey! His driven mindset and passionate pursuit of a innovative fitness solution for trainers is second to none. Despite his life long experience in the sports training and fitness industry, he is always eager to learn and improve with everyone while maintaining constructive leadership.

Ashkan A. - CEO Bolts Marketing

Venture plans wrote an outstanding business plan creating an operation model, and marketing strategy on how to scale our multi chain coffee shop in Century City Los Angeles.

Jack K. - Boulon D' Amour

They are experienced in cognitive computing, automation, ICO, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Gurvinder H


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Our Finra and Harvard accredited Industry Consultants have decades of cumulative experience preparing business plans that helped entrepreneurs raise capital.

Arleo Dordar

Founder & President

Arleo Dordar is the founder, CEO, investor, and product architect of Venture Plans. Arleo is a visionary with a strong leadership background. He has assisted in scaling, structuring, organizing, and developing sustainability plans for 4500+ businesses across 150 industries globally, resulting over 100 million dollars in investments. Arleo's expertise is in the implementation of revenue growth, execution, financing, and digital transformation. Arleo engages in high-level discussions with startups, small businesses, and enterprise level organizations to gather and analyze big data, understand trends, and proactively deliver insights, recommendations, and drive improvements based on qualitative and quantitative metrics in to enhance operational efficiency, sales, marketing, and branding to achieve financing goals. Arleo is fluent in English and Farsi, facilitating effective communication and collaboration with clients from diverse backgrounds. His strong command of both languages enhances his ability to understand and address the unique challenges faced by clients in various markets.

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Al Sheivani

Senior Financial Consultant & Controller

Al Sheivani is a management accountant, forensic accountant, and due diligence expert. He specializes in the creation of historical financial statements, financial pro formas, financial account reconciliation, and identifying errors and irregularities in accounting for small to medium-sized businesses seeking financing. Other areas of expertise include institutional debt finance, SBA lending, and loan shepoarding. Al provides decades of experience in handling challenging financial issues for corporations.

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John Varley

Corporate Legal Counsel

John Varley is admitted to practice law in California Including the California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Tax Court, and the US District Courts- Southern, Central, Eastern and Northern Districts of California. In the area of Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, John has personally filed more than 2,500 successful cases through the Federal Bankruptcy Court System. John is one of the few attorneys to have trained and certified in the three separate training trips to North Carolina under the preeminent bankruptcy litigator, Oliver Max Gardner. He received his Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School Of Law In 2007. John Varley is a Certified Public Accountant (Delaware) and earned An MBA with emphasis In Finance from San Diego State University In 1989. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree In Economics from UCLA In 1984. He is a member of Mensa High IQ Society.

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