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Venture Plans offers financial and capital raising services to qualified businesses seeking working capital. We specialize in securing venture capital financing, private equity investments, and funding from accredited investors for clients that meet our criteria.

Our proprietary software expedites your journey toward achieving your investment targets. Venture Plans registered representatives, and licensed certified advisors conduct thorough due diligence, structure investment deals, and provide ongoing strategic support to help businesses achieve growth and maximize their potential.


  • Private Placements
  • Debt Financing
  • Pre IPO
  • Special Purpose Entity
  • Invest
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Business Sale and Appraisals
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Venture Plans Software

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See how we’ve helped our clients achieve their business goals.


Venture plans is organized, efficient, and knowledgeable in the cybersecurity and data encryption sector. They helped us prepare for a 15 M capital raise.

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Ajay M. - CEO. Seccom LLC


We couldn't find an experienced consulting firm in Oklahoma City at the time with the level of experience we were looking for. When we found Venture Plans, they revamped our entire software development cycles, helped us with our crowdfunding strategy, and offered new insights on our company direction.

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Allan H


It is evident that Mr. Dordar and Venture Plans have great achievements on the horizon.

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Frank G.


I’m an executive with global master franchising, and I have collaborated internationally with many entrepreneurs. Arleo Dordar is a critical thinker, and accomplished problem solver. He is a driven and trustworthy leader in the private and institutional sectors for financing.

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Ted Van Samang - Founder, Franchisepassion


My name is Dr. C, I am a dermatologist in Mill Valley, California. I reached out to venture plans to assist me with a government project targeting a medical technology. Their consultants are very experienced in the health tech space.

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Dr. C


VisionVR is the world’s first all-in-one assistive device for the visually impaired, specifically designed for watching television and improving performance on day- to-day tasks. We needed a consulting firm who had experience in the VR space. When we found venture plans they helped improve our business model and provided us with new information in the VR space that helped us remain competitive. Venture plans consultants have experience in e-commerce, Vr technology and financial due diligence.

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Zack A


Very talented business analysts, helped us write a very well written tele-health business plan that helped us secure grants.

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Nahid A


Excellent diverse range of consultants in multiple industries. They know their work, and provide realistic feedback.

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Daniel F


Venture Plans is very experienced in capital raising services pertaining to small to mid cap organizations. They provide the corporate governance that is required for companies to grow. Working with Arleo has been a pleasure, demonstrating with ease his consultancy experience and background in a wide variety of topics including corporate finance and investor profiling. His expertise, solutions-oriented approach, and professionalism are invaluable!

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Khong Z


Venture plans is very experienced in SBA financing, we had previously applied for an SBA loan and was unsuccessful. Venture plans helped us prepare carefully and assisted us developing our financials for the raise and to finally obtain financing.

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Abdul Z


We have a breakthrough technological product that focuses on packaging and delivery safety. We had no idea that the right way to raise money and draw paying subscribers was by crowdfunding. Venture Plans wrote a particular digital marketing crowdfunding strategy for us that outlined a proper campaign model for us to implement, resulting in a 6-month increase of 2.5 M in combined funding and subscriptions

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Bob R. - CEO Big Boring Box


We featured Arleo Dordar on the Beverly Hills House Wives on Bravo to provide direction on our business strategy and deal structure live. Arleo Dordar is experienced in the fashion and Artificial Intelligence space. Venture Plans helped prepare a comprehensive business plan, and guided me and my husband, Mauricio Umansky, on the best possible outcomes to scaling our retail fashion line with our offshore partners Shahida Clayton. Arleo integrated artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and an eco-friendly model so we can maximize our potential in this highly competitive industry. Grant approvals in the U.S. have been highly competitive, Covid had reduced our income by 50 %, and we needed urgent assistance from an experienced team to advise and provide grant application support.

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Kyle Richards, Mauricio Unmansky, and Shahida Clayton

Win grants from federal
and state institutions


Strategic solutions to help businesses navigate capital management and growth.



We begin the capital raising process by evaluating your financial needs, pre-qualifications and objectives. During the assessment step, our 3rd party due diligence experts analyze financial statements, cash flow, and balance sheets to identify areas of strength and weakness. We also conduct market research to identify potential financing sources and assess the competitive landscape.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

After the initial assessment, we develop customized financing strategies tailored to your needs and goals. During this strategy and development step, we identify potential financing sources, such as banks, private equity firms, investors, or crowdfunding platforms, and develop a an investor business plan to approach and secure financing. Strategy development may also include optimizing your capital structure to improve financial management practices and developing a debt management plan.

Execution and Support

Execution and Support

In the final step, our registered representatives execute the financing strategies, ensuring they deliver the desired outcomes. Our certified financial advisors and consultants prepare financing proposals, negotiate terms with lenders or investors, and maintain communications with you and investors through our proprietary financing software. We also offer support in managing investor relations, developing financial reporting frameworks, and addressing regulatory and compliance issues.


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