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SBA Business Plan OVERVIEW

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers various loan programs with funding amounts ranging from a few thousand dollars up to several million dollars, to start-ups and well-established businesses depending on the specific program.

A well-prepared SBA Business Plan is vital for businesses seeking funding, as it outlines your objectives and strategies to achieve them. It helps in showcasing your capabilities and increasing your chances of securing funding. While SBA loans aim to support small businesses with various financial needs, the loan amounts can vary based on the program's guidelines and the applicant's qualifications.

Small business working capital loans can assist during periods of market volatility and expedite recovery. Our team of industry-specific experts is dedicated to producing tailored, cost-effective, and efficient SBA Business Plans. We understand the importance of a well-prepared SBA Business Plan in positively influencing funders and aiding in securing loans.

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SBA loans are designed to assist a wide range of entities, including small business owners, startups, existing businesses, veterans, minorities, women-owned businesses, and those affected by disasters.

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With decades of cumulative experience, we are uniquely qualified across a range of industries.



Ivy-league trained management consultants, seasoned legal consultants, certified valuators and analysts.


Data-driven Analytics

Insights and recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative metric.



By top Fortune 500 CEO's nationally and globally.


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  • 4750+ Projects done
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FINRA, CFI Institute, Harvard, Certified Valuators and Analysts.


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See how we have helped our clients secure funding with an SBA loan, an American Express small business loan and other lenders from small business loans.

Venture plans is organized, efficient, and knowledgeable in the cybersecurity and data encryption sector. They helped us prepare for a 15 M capital raise.

Ajay M. - CEO. Seccom LLC

We couldn't find an experienced consulting firm in Oklahoma City at the time with the level of experience we were looking for. When we found Venture Plans, they revamped our entire software development cycles, helped us with our crowdfunding strategy, and offered new insights on our company direction.

Allan H

It is evident that Mr. Dordar and Venture Plans have great achievements on the horizon.

Frank G.

I’m an executive with global master franchising, and I have collaborated internationally with many entrepreneurs. Arleo Dordar is a critical thinker, and accomplished problem solver. He is a driven and trustworthy leader in the private and institutional sectors for financing.

Ted Van Samang - Founder, Franchisepassion

My name is Dr. C, I am a dermatologist in Mill Valley, California. I reached out to venture plans to assist me with a government project targeting a medical technology. Their consultants are very experienced in the health tech space.

Dr. C

VisionVR is the world’s first all-in-one assistive device for the visually impaired, specifically designed for watching television and improving performance on day- to-day tasks. We needed a consulting firm who had experience in the VR space. When we found venture plans they helped improve our business model and provided us with new information in the VR space that helped us remain competitive. Venture plans consultants have experience in e-commerce, Vr technology and financial due diligence.

Zack A

Very talented business analysts, helped us write a very well written tele-health business plan that helped us secure grants.

Nahid A

Excellent diverse range of consultants in multiple industries. They know their work, and provide realistic feedback.

Daniel F

Venture Plans is very experienced in capital raising services pertaining to small to mid cap organizations. They provide the corporate governance that is required for companies to grow. Working with Arleo has been a pleasure, demonstrating with ease his consultancy experience and background in a wide variety of topics including corporate finance and investor profiling. His expertise, solutions-oriented approach, and professionalism are invaluable!

Khong Z

Venture plans is very experienced in SBA financing, we had previously applied for an SBA loan and was unsuccessful. Venture plans helped us prepare carefully and assisted us developing our financials for the raise and to finally obtain financing.

Abdul Z

We have a breakthrough technological product that focuses on packaging and delivery safety. We had no idea that the right way to raise money and draw paying subscribers was by crowdfunding. Venture Plans wrote a particular digital marketing crowdfunding strategy for us that outlined a proper campaign model for us to implement, resulting in a 6-month increase of 2.5 M in combined funding and subscriptions

Bob R. - CEO Big Boring Box

We featured Arleo Dordar on the Beverly Hills House Wives on Bravo to provide direction on our business strategy and deal structure live. Arleo Dordar is experienced in the fashion and Artificial Intelligence space. Venture Plans helped prepare a comprehensive business plan, and guided me and my husband, Mauricio Umansky, on the best possible outcomes to scaling our retail fashion line with our offshore partners Shahida Clayton. Arleo integrated artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and an eco-friendly model so we can maximize our potential in this highly competitive industry. Grant approvals in the U.S. have been highly competitive, Covid had reduced our income by 50 %, and we needed urgent assistance from an experienced team to advise and provide grant application support.

Kyle Richards, Mauricio Unmansky, and Shahida Clayton

Secure funding with an SBA business plan.


Secure small business loan funding with a world-class business plan.

Check SBA 7(a) requirements for Business Fit

Check SBA 7(a) requirements for Business Fit

Venture Plans commercial banking consultants begin by comprehensively Aligning the specific requirements outlined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and bank for the 7(a) Loan program. Here the client will be familiarized with the guidelines, eligibility criteria, and necessary documentation.

Gather Business Information

Gather Business Information

Collect and compile all relevant information and questionaires about your business, including financial statements, revenue projections, market analysis, target audience, competition, competition, and operational details, management history, company growth goals, and funding requirements.

Interviewing The Founder

Interviewing The Founder

Founder insights shape a business plan, key to grasping vision & goals accurately. Interviewing the founder before drafting an SBA business plan is critical. This interaction allows for a deeper understanding of the entrepreneur's vision, goals, and market insights. It provides essential context to accurately outline the business strategy, target market, and unique value proposition. Understanding the founder's expertise, aspirations, and operational approach helps craft a more tailored, effective plan.

Structure & Outline The First Draft

Structure & Outline The First Draft

We develop a comprehensive business overview encompassing a concise executive summary and detailed business description. The executive summary will encapsulate the business concept, mission, unique value proposition, funding requirements and the intent behind securing the SBA 7(a) Loan. In the business description, we cover the organizational structure, historical background, offered products/services, competitive landscape, target market analysis, and the business's strengths, emphasizing industry experience and growth prospects. This dual approach creates a compelling narrative, outlining both the essence of the business and its viability, crucial for SBA loan being approval.

Financial Projections & Historic Financial Analysis

Financial Projections & Historic Financial Analysis

We create detailed financial projections covering income statements, cash flow forecasts, balance sheets, and break-even analyses. Venture plans consultants will then Incorporate historical financial data (if available) and realistic future projections. Simultaneously, clearly outline the intended utilization of the SBA 7(a) Loan, delineating its allocation within the business to facilitate growth, operational improvements, or expansion initiatives. This dual approach establishes a comprehensive financial narrative, outlining both financial projections and the strategic utilization of loan proceeds for enhanced business prospects.

Review & Revise

Review & Revise

Finally, we thoroughly review the business plan for accuracy and clarity, aligning it with SBA guidelines for the 7(a) Loan application. Our underwriters review the plan and provide feedback to meet SBA requirements. We then adjust the plan based on feedback and finalize a professionally structured business plan highlighting business strengths and potential.

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Arleo Dordar

Founder & President

Arleo Dordar is the Founder/CEO, investor, and product architect of Ventureplans™. Arleo is a visionary with a strong leadership background. He has assisted various Fortune 500 companies in scaling, restructuring, organizing, and developing sustainability plans for 4500+ businesses across 150 industries globally, resulting over $100 million dollars in investments. Arleo's expertise is in the implementation of revenue growth, execution, financing and digital transformation. Arleo engages in high-level discussions with startups, small businesses, and enterprise level organizations to gather and analyze big data, understand trends, and proactively deliver insights, recommendations, and drive improvements based on qualitative and quantitative metrics in to enhance operational efficiency, sales, marketing, and branding to achieve financing goals. Arleo is fluent in English and Farsi.

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Amaris Olguin

Senior Business Analyst & Lawyer

Harvard and Yale Alumna, Fulbright Scholar, Fluent Spanish speaker, Proficient in Mandarin and in Hindi. Amaris has 8+ years of business experience. She brings deep expertise in business consulting, strategic planning and financial forecasting. As a lawyer, her primary focus is corporate law. Amaris works closely with clients on the development and execution of business strategy. She specializes in writing business plans that have resulted in large investment accomplishments.

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John Varley

Corporate Legal Counsel

John Varley is admitted to practice law in California, Including the California Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Tax Court, and the US District Courts- Southern, Central, Eastern and Northern Districts of California. In the area of Corporate and Bankruptcy Law, John has personally filed more 2,500 successful cases through the Federal Bankruptcy Court System. John is one of the few attorneys to have trained and certified in the three separate training trips to North Carolina under the preeminent bankruptcy litigator, Oliver Max Gardner. He received his Juris Doctor from Thomas Jefferson School Of Law In 2007. John Varley is a Certified Public Accountant (Delaware) and earned an MBA with emphasis In Finance from San Diego State University In 1989. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree In Economics from UCLA In 1984. He is a member of Mensa High IQ Society.

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