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Healthtech & Healthcare Consulting

Arleo Dordar

Arleo Dordar

Partner, LA

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Venture Plans offers invaluable benefits to businesses in the healthtech sector by providing solutions for the rapidly advancing medical and healthcare industries. We work with organizations looking to leverage technology to improve operational efficiency, enhance patient care, and boost financial performance.

Our healthtech consultants utilize business and technology processes to develop and implement strategies custom to your challenges and objectives. We carry out due diligence, assist with integrating assets, and create new entities that offer services such as payment integrity, risk adjustment, and data analytics. These integrations can refresh your marketing and sales strategies and generate new revenue streams and growth opportunities.

Venture Plans is committed to providing healthtech companies with an extensive understanding of customer needs. We maximize the full potential of your organizational and technological investments by utilizing proprietary tools and methods such as transformation diagnostics, consumer-journey predictive modeling, and human-centered design. This process leads to increased efficiencies, enhanced patient satisfaction and quality of care, compliance with regulatory requirements, and a stronger bottom line.

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July 1, 2023 | 10 min read

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Innovative solutions to overcome healthcare challenges

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to streamline operations, a private equity firm planning to invest in healthtech, or a medtech company seeking innovation, Venture Plans can provide the essential guidance, tools, and strategies you need to achieve success. Our healthtech consultants deeply understand the industry's complexities and strive to deliver solutions ranging from strategic business and technology analysis to project management and data migration.


Healthcare consulting services bring clarity and strategy to an industry faced with constant change. Venture Plans is a strategic partner driving innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry. Our consulting services are designed to promote innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies, and enhance patient engagement.

Our goal is to help construct and scale innovative organizations, focusing on the customer in every business and operating model. Using advanced technology, proprietary data, and extensive healthcare expertise, we provide insightful analytic solutions to support stakeholders' decision-making. Improving patient engagement drives better health outcomes and reduces cost-of-care delivery. Our healthcare consultants work to streamline this process by simplifying operations to create a seamless experience for consumers and lower administrative costs.


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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry saw unprecedented shifts. Healthcare businesses have had to quickly adapt to a new reality defined by cost pressures and evolving consumer expectations. The shift towards value-based care adds another layer of complexity. We are here to navigate this new reality by helping organizations become agile and efficient in healthcare services while effectively managing R&D, supply chain, and commercialization. In addition to supporting patient care, we use insightful analytical data to provide effective change management strategies, enhance automation, and improve member experiences.


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Venture plans wrote an outstanding business plan creating an operation model, and marketing strategy on how to scale our multi chain coffee shop in Century City Los Angeles.

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Working with Arleo has been an exciting journey! His driven mindset and passionate pursuit of a innovative fitness solution for trainers is second to none. Despite his life long experience in the sports training and fitness industry, he is always eager to learn and improve with everyone while maintaining constructive leadership.

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They are experienced in cognitive computing, automation, ICO, big data, and artificial intelligence.

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How does healthtech & healthcare consulting contribute to healthcare innovation?

Healthtech and healthcare consulting services are key in driving healthcare innovation. Healthtech companies are at the forefront of introducing technologies and digital solutions that revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. These companies develop and implement telemedicine platforms, wearable devices, AI applications, and mobile health apps, enabling remote consultations, personalized monitoring, advanced diagnostics, and efficient data analysis. Healthtech companies enhance patient outcomes, improve the healthcare experience, and transform traditional practices through these innovations.

Healthcare consulting services support the innovation efforts of healthtech companies by providing valuable expertise, strategic insights, and industry knowledge. Venture Plans guides healthtech organizations through the process of incorporating effective solutions, aligning technology implementation with organizational goals, and navigating complex regulatory environments.

Healthtech and healthcare consulting collectively contribute to advancing and evolving healthcare innovation. Venture Plans assists in integrating technology into healthcare operations to improve patient experiences. Our healthtech and healthcare consulting services help shape innovation in the industry and benefit patients and healthcare providers.


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What areas do healthtech & healthcare consulting services cover?

Healthtech and healthcare consulting cover a range of services to accommodate the healthcare industry and the potential of modern technology. We focus on digital transformation and assist health institutions in shifting to digital formats like electronic health record systems and telemedicine. We also work to improve operational efficiency within healthcare establishments by identifying and addressing inefficiencies and streamlining workflows.

Our healthtech and healthcare consultants navigate the regulatory landscape of the healthcare sector, preparing you for audits and ensuring your organization remains compliant with patient privacy laws. Additionally, we guide you through health information technology, helping you select, implement, and optimize suitable IT solutions.

We contribute to strategic planning and business development by assisting healthcare providers in strategizing growth, exploring new market opportunities, planning expansion, and adapting to industry trends. By utilizing the power of big data in healthcare, we guide organizations in data management and use data analytics to forecast trends, identify at-risk groups, and develop targeted intervention strategies.

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