Top Five Tips For Recruiting Talented Hires To Your Company

Top Five Tips For Recruiting Talented Hires To Your Company


Arleo Dordar

Arleo Dordar

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Business owners, executives, recruitment managers and even employees themselves are rightly focused on attracting talented people to join their teams. People want to work in an environment where talent is valued and retained, and companies need talent to remain competitive. Research has shown that superior talent is up to eight times more productive, that the success of an organization is closely tied to the quality of its employees, and that high employee turnover is bad for a company’s bottom line. So with all of this energy and excitement for excellence, why is it that 82% of companies don’t believe they recruit highly talented people, and 73% of employees are “thinking about another job”? While the intentions of both a company’s recruiters and a potential hire may be pure, their promises do not always live up to reality. It is important for employers both to deliver on their promises to employees, and for employees to live up to their resume. A combination of the following hiring and management techniques can help employers arrive at this synergy.

1. Clear Value Proposition and Follow-Through Let’s start with the basics. In order to attract applicants, a company must advertise a competitive wage and benefits. Pay your employees at or above the market range, and offer them generous benefits including health insurance, paid vacation and sick days, childcare, and other perks. Top companies like Facebook and Google have paved the way in modeling what a competitive package looks like and benefitted from their subsequent popularity among talented job hunters. 2. Healthy and Inclusive Company Culture A company should seek out diverse perspectives in the hiring process. Research has shown that diversity and inclusion are not only good for morale, they also help a company’s bottom line, with The Peterson Institute for International Economics stating that companies whose leaders are 30% female earn 6% more in profits compared to those without female leadership, and Forbes finding that firms in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the national industry means. An inclusive culture also impacts a company’s ability to retain their top employees once hired, which is discussed in greater detail below.

Review-based sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and even a general Google search have made internal company culture more transparent than ever before through crowd- sourced anonymous reviews of employee’s personal experience at a company. Increasingly, job hunters are relying on these reviews as well as word of mouth when choosing where to apply. Whether it has a positive or negative reputation, a company’sculture undoubtedly impacts its ability to identify and hire competent and committed employees. A savvy employer will use this to its advantage by ensuring a constructive and supportive work environment that takes employee’s needs and ideas seriously.

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January 01, 2023 | 10 min read

Recruiting Talents

Top Five Tips For Recruiting Talented Hires To Your Company

Top Five Tips For Recruiting Talented Hires To Your Company

Business owners, executives, recruitment managers and even employees themselves are rightly focused on attracting talented people to join their teams.

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3. Hire Outside the Box While an Ivy League degree is often taken as an automatic qualifier for a potential hire, employers don’t have to rely only recruits with an elite academic pedigree when making recruiting or hiring decisions. There is a large reserve of untapped talent in the ranks of less prestigious but still well-regarded private and public universities as well as community colleges. The students at these institutions have often put in overtime throughout their education, many of them holding jobs while simultaneously taking a full course load or otherwise hustling to professional success. Public colleges tend to be more demographically diverse as well due to their affordability, and thus provide recruiters with a great pool of talented people of color who bring unique skills sets and abilities to the job. For companies looking to recruit technical talent, out-of-the-box hiring is also key to filling openings. These days, as traditional educational institutions have been slow to incorporate classes on coding and entrepreneurship into their curriculum, many of the most talented engineers will be found through coding bootcamps, online forums, and word of mouth. It pays recruiters to cast a wide net in their hiring process and screen people based on demonstrated skill, not just fancy titles on their resume.

4. Machine Learning + Human Input = Better Hires Some interesting research has emerged in the last several years around the role of machine learning technology in the hiring process. McKinsey explains that “when the National Bureau of Economic Research looked into this, it pitted humans against computers for more than 300,000 hires in high-turnover jobs at 15 companies. Human experience, instinct, and judgment were soundly defeated: people picked by computers stayed far longer and performed just as well or better.” Citing various examples, including that after Xerox replaced its recruitment-screening process with an online test from Evolve, attrition declined by 20 percent, McKinsey has made a case for integrating machine learning technology into the recruitment and hiring process to supplement or add statistical insight to the humans in charge.

5. Develop Existing Talent and Avoid Burnout It is not enough to attract and hire talented people if they encounter inartful systems and burned-out colleagues when they begin work with the company. A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted that chronic stress leading to employee burnout was rampant in the workplace even before the pandemic, leading to disappointing performance, an unhappy workplace, and attrition. The article noted that according to Christina Maslach of the University of California, Berkeley, Susan E. Jackson of Rutgers, and Michael Leiter of Deakin University, burnout has six main causes: 1. Unsustainable workload 2. Perceived lack of control 3. Insufficient rewards for effort 4. Lack of a supportive community 5. Lack of fairness 6. Mismatched values and skills It follows that in addition to competitive pay and benefits, employers who wish to retain the talent they work so hard to attract should focus on ensuring that employees encounter a sustainable workload, merit-based rewards, a supportive community, flexibility and fairness from managers, and job functions that line up with their skills and passions once they’re on the job.


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